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"An Ah Beng a day keeps the doctors away"
by Ng Wah Lok

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07-Jan-2008 With his mathematics teacher
18-Jan-2008 With his friend from Poland
07-Jan-2008 Why didn?t Ah Beng laugh at the comedy show ?
18-Jan-2008 Which is Lightning faster than Thunder ?
07-Jan-2008 Washing a new shirt
07-Jan-2008 Untidy Hair
07-Jan-2008 Under 18 Movie
07-Jan-2008 Tested by a Lie Detector..
07-Jan-2008 Summons for illegal parking
07-Jan-2008 Studying Mathematics in a Catholic School
07-Jan-2008 Starting his taxi business
07-Jan-2008 Space exploration
07-Jan-2008 Smart chauffers ?
07-Jan-2008 Sleeping in class ?
07-Jan-2008 Single or Married ?
07-Jan-2008 Should men or ladies brew the coffee ?
07-Jan-2008 Secret Code
07-Jan-2008 Response to long sermon
07-Jan-2008 Report Card
07-Jan-2008 Quiz Competition.

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