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"An Ah Beng a day keeps the doctors away"

Title: Entrance Exams
Date: 07-Jan-2008

Ah Beng did not do so well in his entrance examinations. So the professor called him for an interview. The professor said, “Ah Beng, your results are not so good. But you still have a chance to enter the University. I am going to ask you three questions and if you can answer one question correct, we will allow you in. So here is the first question, How many seconds are there in one year ?” Ah Beng replied, “ Oh that is simple sir, There are 12 seconds in one year”  The professor said, “Sorry Ah Beng, your answer is wrong. How did you get 12 seconds in one year” Ah Beng replied, “Is it not Jan 2nd, Feb 2nd, March 2nd…..”


The professor said, “Okay Ah Beng, you think very differently from others. Here is a second question. How many “D’s” are there in Rudolf and  the Rednose reindeer ?” Ah Beng thought for a while and hummed the tune and quickly answered, “It is easy sir, There are 56 “D’s” in the song. The professor was surprised and said, “Ah Beng, your answer is wrong. How did you get 56 ?” Ah Beng hummed the tune and said , “ I thought it was Deee, deee, deee, deee, deee.deeee, ddeee………” (with the tune).


The professor said, “I am sorry Ah Beng, you are wrong again. But you have one more chance to get into the university. Here is your last question and you must get it right. How many “T’s” are there in a week ? Ah Beng replied, “Ooh,, that is simple. There are 2 “T’s” in  a week. The professor gave a sigh of relief. “Ah Beng, you are finally right. You can now enrol into our university. By the way, what are the two “T’s” ?”


Ah Beng replied, “Oh. Vely simple only. Today and Tomorrow lah”


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