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"An Ah Beng a day keeps the doctors away"

Title: Hotel Yeem Ka in Penang
Date: 18-Jan-2008

Ah Beng arrived at the Penang airport and got up a taxi. The taxi driver  asked Ah Beng, “Where do you want to go. ?” Ah Beng replied, “The Yeem-ka"  hotel ”. The taxi driver replied , “It must be a new one. I have not heard of it. But if you give me the address, I will be  able to find it”.   So they left and circled the place for one hour but could not find the hotel. So the taxi driver asked Ah Beng , “Are you sure the hotel is here ? Ah Beng replied, “I am sure. It is even printed in the brochure”.


What hotel was Ah Beng looking for ?


Answer : YMCA

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