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  Review of "An Ah Beng a day keeps the doctors away"
A MERRY MOMENT by Christine Khaw

Uniquely and essentially Asian is Ah Beng! While a professor of English would tear his hair at Ah Beng's use of the language, who can resist the simple heart of this endearing character?

In "An Ah Beng a day keeps the doctors away", Ng Wah Lok has beautifully captured the innocence of Malaysia's "not so smart comedian who shows flashes of brilliance". His brand new joke book presents in a delightful manner, with graphic design by Vince Seah and cartoons by Liyin which will enthrall you,   a magnificent collection of Ah Beng jokes which will tickle your funny bone incessantly!

Those who pick up this captivating gold mine of mirth should be warned: outbursts of hilarity will be the order of the day when you dig into your treasure trove and follow the zany lives of Ah Beng, his girlfriend Ah Lian and his pal Ah Lok!

A perfect little present for Christmas, an ideal travel companion for those long waits at airports and, as its title suggests, an Ah Beng a day may just keep the doctors away!

Fans of Ah Beng and those who will encounter him soon will undoubtedly hope that Ng Wah Lok will regale us with further volumes of his lovable character's antics and bizarre thought processes in the New Year.