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"An Ah Beng a day keeps the doctors away"

Title: Ah Beng's poem on SARS
Date: 07-Jan-2008

Aiyoh-yoh, the news nowadays are really bad,

many people are dying of SARS it's so very sad.

Doctors and nurses work very "siong" and very tough,

I hope they don't complain that their salary not enough.

They no care whether you're rich or just a simple Ah Beng,

Suspect you're infected, kena send straight to Tan Tock Seng.

If exposed to SARS they give you 10-day quarantine,

Kena stay at home, no food to eat, just drink Ovaltine.

Now if you anyhow cough or spit in public place,

People all "chow" from you like running a race.

The illness has even gone to West from East;

Also know how to migrate, this smart disease.

Here we're scared the foreigners all dare not come,

Though we're very friendly and mean them no harm.

This will be really bad for our weak economy,

And graduates will end up selling Hokkien Mee.

Or run around the streets selling masks;

This type of business sure won't go bust.

But looking at gals will no longer be any fun;

All covered, cannot see their pretty face one.

Now I received a lot of tips from sms,

Each telling me their advice is the best.

One say I should not wear SARrong or SARi,

But wanna buy new clothes, where got money?

Tao SAR Pao I also should not eat;

Donno why, maybe it's got no meat.

Also I should avoid going to the SARabat stalls;

This one where got logic, I really catch no ball.

Another say it's good to drink plenty of SARsi;

Drown all the viruses, then quickly go and pee.

One warned if I don't listen it's my own paSAR,

But so much advice which one to follow lah?

I hope they identify the culprit and find a cure fast;

If not, we'll all join the earthworms and become dust.

But down here you'll end up in an urn

Because cannot bury so all must burn.

If you got fever or cough, go see doctor quick;

Don't wait until you are Sick, Ah... Really Sick.

Otherwise, you're really a "SARbo" king,

So big already also donno how to think.

But living on earth we'll always face the risk 
From the tiny germ, the world's first terrorist

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