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"An Ah Beng a day keeps the doctors away"

Title: With his friend from Poland
Date: 18-Jan-2008

On a trip to Poland, Ah Beng met a couple and they became very good friends. One day,Ah Beng invited this Polish couple to stay with him. After a few days, Ah Beng became very suspicious of the Polish man’s wife. So he called his friend aside and said, "Do you know your wife is trying to kill you ? " His friend reacted with shock "This cannot be. We have a good marriage and have been married for 30 years. She cannot be trying to kill me". But Ah Beng persisted. "I have evidence to show that she is trying to kill you. Look what I found her using yesterday ?"


Ah Beng took out a small bottle which reads.............. "POLISH REMOVER"


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