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"An Ah Beng a day keeps the doctors away"

Title: Name of God is Harold ?
Date: 18-Jan-2008

Ah Beng came back from church one day and was very excited about what he learned.  He told Ah Lian excitedly  , “ I have discovered a new name for God ? Ah Lian asked, “Is Jehovah or  El Shaddai,?”.  “No”, Ah Beng replied.  “What about Jehovah Rophe, or  Jehovah Jireh ?” “No , you have not heard this one before” replied Ah Beng. “Okay I give up. What is the new name of God you discovered in church today ?” asked Ah Lian. Ah Beng replied with a huge smile “It is Harold”.


Ah Lian said, “You are fooling me, Where in the Bible did it say that God’s name is Harold ?”


Ah Beng replied, “But I heard the Pastor pray this morning, “Our Father who is in heaven, Harold be Your name"

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