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"An Ah Beng a day keeps the doctors away"

Title: Ah Beng at the national elections
Date: 29-Jan-2008

On the voting day for the national elections, Ah Beng  went into the polling booth to vote for the party he had chosen.  There were two parties  contesting in Ah Beng's area. One party had a tree as their symbol and another one  a Bull. After 30 minutes in the booth, Ah Beng finally came out smiling and happy he had fulfilled his election responsibilities. Because he took so long,  there was a long queue waiting outside the voting room. Ah Lian was rather upset with Ah Beng and complained, “ Ah Beng, why did you have to take 30 minutes to vote for your party ? There was a large crowd waiting for you to finish ”. Ah Beng replied, “ Why do you complain so much. It is not so easy to draw a bull, you know ? 30 minutes very fast already”.


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