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"An Ah Beng a day keeps the doctors away"

Title: Ah Lian's first car experience
Date: 29-Jan-2008

Ah Beng bought a Honda VVTI recently and drove to Ah Lian's place to show off the car to her. Over there,  Ah Beng was bragging about the various functions of his new car to his girlfriend. "This is ah, so fast even the Mata Chia cannot catch ah!" "Ha! Really  ah!!! Steady lah!" said Ah Lian. "Some more hor, this is Automatic one, vely easy to  drive!" So Ah Lian said, "Let me try! I wan, I wan!" So Ah Lian  took the driver's seat and shifted the gear and  floored the accelerator. The next moment, the car sped backwards  and crashed into  the lamp-post. "Alamak! What are did you do to the gear ?!!!  Ah Beng screamed.


Ah Lian replied "Solee, solee, pai sah lah! I put gear to “R”.  I thought "R" is for racing mah!"



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