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"An Ah Beng a day keeps the doctors away"
by Ng Wah Lok

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17-Dec-2007 Media Announcement on the soft launch of this Website
For immediate release. We are glad to announce the soft launch of AhBeng's website at
07-Jan-2008 Flight time
07-Jan-2008 Single or Married ?
07-Jan-2008 Jigsaw puzzle
07-Jan-2008 Quiz Competition.
07-Jan-2008 Computer? Help? button
07-Jan-2008 Father and Mother ?
07-Jan-2008 Burnt red ears
07-Jan-2008 Under 18 Movie
07-Jan-2008 Motor workshop business
07-Jan-2008 Starting his taxi business
07-Jan-2008 Why didn?t Ah Beng laugh at the comedy show ?
07-Jan-2008 Dead bird in the sky ?
07-Jan-2008 How many pieces of pizza ?
07-Jan-2008 Car cannot start ?
07-Jan-2008 In the elevator
07-Jan-2008 Ah Beng on a Fishing Trip..
07-Jan-2008 Keys locked in the car
07-Jan-2008 Tested by a Lie Detector..
07-Jan-2008 At the Karaoke

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