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"An Ah Beng a day keeps the doctors away"
by Ng Wah Lok

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29-Jan-2008 Ah Beng at the national elections
07-Jan-2008 Ah Beng on a Fishing Trip..
07-Jan-2008 Ah Beng on his first date
07-Jan-2008 Ah Beng paints a porch
18-Jan-2008 Ah Beng with smart monkeys
07-Jan-2008 Ah Beng's birthday
07-Jan-2008 Ah Beng's Love Poem
07-Jan-2008 Ah Beng's medical dictionary
07-Jan-2008 Ah Beng's Poem on Malaysian Culture
07-Jan-2008 Ah Beng's poem on SARS
07-Jan-2008 Ah Beng's theory on English Spelling
29-Jan-2008 Ah Lian's first car experience
07-Jan-2008 At a job interview
07-Jan-2008 At Primary School
07-Jan-2008 At the Cemetry
07-Jan-2008 At the Karaoke
07-Jan-2008 At the maternity ward expecting his first child
07-Jan-2008 At the race course
07-Jan-2008 Bad grammar
07-Jan-2008 Brothers and Sisters ?

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