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"An Ah Beng a day keeps the doctors away"
by Ng Wah Lok

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07-Jan-2008 Ah Beng's Love Poem
07-Jan-2008 Ah Beng's poem on SARS
07-Jan-2008 Firing Squad
07-Jan-2008 At the maternity ward expecting his first child
07-Jan-2008 Ah Beng's theory on English Spelling
07-Jan-2008 Ordering food at an Italian Restaurant
07-Jan-2008 Essay on colours
07-Jan-2008 At a job interview
07-Jan-2008 In a court room
07-Jan-2008 Ah Beng's birthday
07-Jan-2008 At the Cemetry
07-Jan-2008 Washing a new shirt
07-Jan-2008 Essay on numbers
07-Jan-2008 Flying First Class
07-Jan-2008 Untidy Hair
07-Jan-2008 Formula for Water (H2O)
07-Jan-2008 How did Ah Beng fit 60 people under one umbrella ?
07-Jan-2008 How many sides in a circle ?
07-Jan-2008 Chinese friend with a dark baby
07-Jan-2008 Summons for illegal parking

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